The Extent of the Lies… Brought to the Front of the Table


That’s all I can say at this point so far. I have been glued to these reports so far about Trump knowing about the true danger of the virus all the way back in January and keeping it from the American people.

He was even fucking told by his own department that it would be the biggest threat to national security during his presidency, and he continued to deny this throughout the months that went by.

And that was supposedly some sort of leadership that was meant to keep the American population calm?!?!?! He is trying to convince everyone that there is plenty of reason for downplaying the truth of the virus even though he knew about it so long ago?!?!?!

Even more so, Trump can’t just deny the words on the printed pages of a book. Calling them fake news or other bullshit by some journalist or author.

So, he continued along with many conversations with Bob Woodward about everything that he knew about so many different things. He thought there would be a good book written about him at the hand of Woodward.

OMG!!!! There is even more than the virus lies that have been told over these past few years. And at this point from typing frantically I need to give myself a bit of a break for a moment before attacking some of the other points that I keep hearing all day.

Let’s see what else comes along again and again all night…and I will admit that I hope to have a chance to read Bob Woodward’s book soon.

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