Head of CDC Comes Clean with Americans

Wow. Just this morning the head of the CDC, Robert Redfield, finally admitted the most direct option to control the pandemic.

Sitting right in front of congress, he held up a mask and stated quite simply, “This is the one thing that will bring this thing under control.” It will do this much more effectively than any initial vaccine that we will have or any of these crazy treatments that are constantly recommended by the president.

If we could only get the people of this country to listen to the scientific data and research, we could have this pandemic under control in weeks.

Hell, if we had a president who could simply admit that he made a mistake and start pushing all of America to wear masks, it would be in much better control much faster!

However, he can’t seem to accept that. He still wants to constantly hold strong to the idea that the virus will just go away. Completely inconsiderate of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died, he keeps up these catastrophic ideas and activities.

And now it gets worse. After a Town Hall with undecided voters last night, Trump further painted himself into a corner with his inability to answer questions clearly and avoidance of the reality of our nation.

Another point on the science of our country and world. For the first time in 175 years, The Scientific American, has broken with their philosophy of remaining outside of politics. Trump has caused such damage to the land and people in America that he needs to be voted out of office. And this means that they are now backing Joe Biden and his policies.

I’m still baffled. It’s like every quote that comes out of his mouth just proves more and more how deluded he really is.

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