Trump’s Financial Secrets? Hmmm… What Are We Close to Learning about this President?

Over 400 million dollars in debt to international lenders… How close are we to having increased danger in our national security?

During about 2 decades of tax returns, he paid almost nothing… while also deducting credits for $70k in hair styling and manipulating hundreds of thousands to a nameless consultant, possibly Ivanka… What more could happen with the nation’s funds when a scam artist like this is sitting in the White House?

Hell, Trump has even paid much more in taxes to other countries that he claimed to be inadequate compared to the U.S. What was that about? There definitely has to be something that these other countries continue wanting Trump to remain at the head of the U.S.

And now there is the money that he likely owes to those international banks. Are they holding something over his head? Including the nations like Russia that want to intervene in the American election to keep Trump in the White House?

How much more will we learn in the coming weeks? There seem to be so many different things that are being revealed, especially from a president who continues to come up with lame reasons not to release his tax returns to Congress. Note that Biden and Harris both did so before the debate that took place last night. And this child of a man still continues to stand on a stage while pounding his fists and screaming in contempt. The only thing he can come up with as the most common response is, “Because I’m the president I can do whatever I want!”

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