Supposedly Returning to the Nation’s “Norm”?

Okay, we have just seen a White House event hosted by the president who refused to prove his negative testing from COVID. Something seems to continue dragging along with the potential for his continued carry of the virus to all of those individuals who enter his events.

Even on the South Lawn of the White House there were minimal numbers of visitors following the “recommendation” of wearing masks. There was absolutely no social distancing from what I saw on the television as well.

As time progressed, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to maintain any sort of patients while the president spoke to all of these people, so I changed the channel. Luckily, there are other much more entertaining and comic older shows and movies available on television today. It is a much better way to relax on a Saturday afternoon than watching a president who remains careless about infecting our entire nation with the pandemic virus.

Where will we all go to return to some sort of “norm” in our lives from this point? I know that I have been a freelance worker of my own sorts for several years now, so working from home is no challenge for me. But, what about all of you? So many people rely on the work inside warehouse, maintenance, and other industries where a physical location is essential. Working alongside a team. Closely and interactive.

What will it take for our nation to recover? I know that the one thing we can all consider is the election coming up in just a few weeks. We have the potential to make quality changes to our government through extending our words through the vote. Are you prepared to make sure you speak up? Think it over!

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