Is the American Democracy at Risk?

So many events have occurred this year that make me question the quality of America’s democracy. It is almost as though the freedom of the American people has been flooded by the cult-like mindset of Trump’s social media rage.

The American people are no longer provided honest, open, and transparent information by the president. We are not provided the ability to make our own decisions and determine our own beliefs on the events of the day. Nothing is clear anymore. The waters of Trump’s so-called “Swamp” are now muddier than ever.

It is clear that the Coronavirus has made this worse than anything else, though a great deal of this president’s term has divided our nation. Are we still the “United” States? I have to say that I have a hard time believing that. It is even hard to believe that all families are still united. Relationships of all types have been broken by the sharp politics of the past four years. Our entire livelihood has ben politicized.

Do we need to realign our nation in order to put democracy back together? Do we even have the ability to put proper democracy back in place? Our forefathers had such incredible goals intended for our nation, for the people of our country, for freedom and independence, and now we live under the cloud of fear.

The only thing that I can see as being wonderfully available for the democracy of our nation are the millions of individuals who have already applied their civic duty and voted early. It seems like the polls will be packed this year for the election, and for all intents and purposes there will be a fair decision as to what the next steps for our country will be.

Even after so many things have pushed the people of our nation down over the past year (and even before then), there may be a small light of hope coming with the election in the next few weeks. I know that all I can do is hope. I can no longer watch the ridiculous, hateful, and theatrical behavior of a president who is clearly not working for the improved health, safety, and overall lives of the American people.

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