Voter Turnout is On The Rise!

I must admit that one of the best things I have heard on the news over the past few days is the incredible early voter turnout that has occurred so far in comparison to the 2016 election. Most all states that are already running early voting along with absentee ballots have increased at least three times nationally in comparison to the last election.

So far there are about 22 million ballots already turned in early. This is something that proves a great deal for the continuance of our democracy. Luckily, Americans continue to appreciate the value of all votes submitted.

I know that I have my own preference for who I think should win, but one of the most important things to think about with the quality of the election decision is the highest percentage of voter turnout. So many voters have started to recognize all the work that was completed by Americans throughout history to value everyone’s right to vote.

So, I can only hope to encourage all of you to be sure to vote! If we can get the full country out to submit our ballots, then it will be the most honestly high-quality result.

Our nation has so many reasons to make sure that the upcoming move of the country’s updates requires the vote to be as complete as possible. So, be sure to get out there and make your voice heard!

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