The Final Debate…

Well, there is a lot for all of us to expect here in the next few hours, getting ready to watch the final presidential debate this evening. This major election will be finalized in only 12 days, though tens of millions of Americans have already cast their votes.

There is a great deal to think of what both Trump and Biden have at stake during this debate. Even, what they need to present to the millions watching the debate on television.

I know that I have to wonder what Trump will present to the American people, much like the rest of his colorful theatrics whenever he places himself on the stage. With all of the yelling and over-acceleration he presented during the previous debate, it is hard to imagine what we should expect.

As someone who is even unable to believe the lines that Trump presents for his comfortable supporters, I have to wonder what he actually does to make an effort to sway any middle or independent voters. It just seems like all of the arguments he yells out constantly show that he is right no matter what.

There never seems to be an emphasis on the need for growing additional support by Trump. He seems to assume that by working, in the same way, he did in 2016 he can simply ignore the polls and another status that have been reported.

Well, there will be plenty to see tonight in this final debate… looking to see if Biden’s days of preparation have helped him for what will be to come. We can also see if Trump simply wants to lash out as much as possible to bring attention to him rather than causing logical support. We’ll see!

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