4 Days Remain Until We Can Speak Up for Change

I just heard that the president’s own son speaks out on a Fox News interview to state that there are basically no further COVID deaths. That the virus itself basically no longer exists.

The president himself states constantly that we have rounded a corner and that everything is better. So, without the acceptance and understanding of a problem like this, there is no possibility for a true resolution here among the American people.

Therefore, it is time for the American people, where we have faced the 9 million cases and almost 230,000 deaths, the most among the world, to take advantage of our right to true democracy. With the key voice for change that we all have, the right we have to choose our leadership and the next stages of change in our country, the votes made next Tuesday can lead to that change for improved health, safety, economy, and much more!

It is so much time for all of these troubles to be recognized, managed, and corrected in order for the overall normalcy of our nation to return. I can only say that I hope you see the need for change, but either way, the most important thing for all of us to do is to make sure that the election is completely fair, with all national votes submitted on election day. Get out there and input your vote!

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