Overwhelming spread of the Coronavis nationwide

We are now to the point of averaging about 150,000 new cases daily. And it keeps raising every day.

Americans all over the country keep arguing against the presentations offered by scientists to take the responsibility of wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, keeping out of group meetings, and other ways to manage our own health.

We have so much death increasing every day. We are now to the point of about 1200 or so Americans dying every day.

Basically every state has the number of cases and hospitalizations raising incredibly. The most important thing we can all do is work together for the management of our own health, for our families, and communicating that with our friends and family as well.

Please, please, please…no matter whether your own state or community has a mask mandate be sure to wear one when you are out in public locations, especially when you go inside.

If the current president wants to ignore the fact that this pandemic is still rising and is no way near complete, then it is up to all of us to work to reduce the spread of the virus.


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