What Happens to America While the Current President Hides in a Bunker?

At this point it is so frightening to watch the attempt of the existing president to remain invisible. He seems to be hiding in a bunker within the White House, watching TV claims and shouting out his conspiracy theories against American democracy on Twitter.

Knowing that he has minimized the sort of leadership needed for the COVID pandemic for the past ten months, there is even more to be questioned with the spikes facing our nation so drastically at this point. While seeing only one visit outside the White House, speaking about the success of the vaccine, there is no offer to accept reporters questions. This includes the president and ALL members of his staff.

No one from the WH staff is willing to uphold a spine and answer questions that could help comfort all Americans. He even fires his own appointed employees from online! There is no real communication or form of leadership and strength from this commander.

So, what can we expect to see over the next few weeks? We have a president-elect who has no access to the requirements of a transition as Trump refuses to provide his intelligence committees the permission to share daily briefings.

It’s almost like the end of 2020 in America has moved into some sort of soap opera or reality television show. And that is what Donald Trump seems to like the most in his life. He still receives the attentions that he loves, even though it becomes darker and darker by the minute. Can we get his staff and other Republicans to convince him to concede? How and when will it happen?

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