Trump Grows Darker as The Clock Winds Down

So, it’s hard to look at the final days of a president with this much rage and hatred. What has our nation come to?

We have to see something at this point, leading to the worry of what may happen. So many of his cronies have been kicked from their roles in the White House. Even those who were Trump’s greatest allies have been nudged out of powerful seats because of their final development of spines and morals.

How much deeper with the black hole be dug? Will the American people simply be left to die? I mean, it is hard to expect Biden to develop his transition on his own, but there has still hardly been any briefing or information supplied by the Trump administration. I mean, even without a national stance on the pandemic, there is still no real plan on that AMAZING VACCINE that he continuously patted himself on the back about!

States around the country are millions of doses short, and there is such a slow role out that the continued cases, hospital rates, and deaths increase beyond a rate that any medical community could possibly manage.

I’m sorry, but the only word that I can come up with for our nation is Bullshit. Mother fucking Bullshit. A ridiculously selfish president who has left the American people to die while only thinking of making himself richer now wants to bitch his way around a fancy club in Florida constantly claiming that a national election that was finalized almost 2 months ago was fake.

At this point, I know that I am rambling. But I watch so many different shows about the different people across this nation who need the vaccine and need proper treatment, and there is no real plan for any of it. The entire plan is simply being shoved off to the next administration with Trump simply claiming it is not his problem. He hasn’t even gotten the vaccine himself!

Okay… that is one rant out of the hatches. I may try to find something positive to talk about here in the near future. Any ideas oh friendly community? There have to be some interesting and happy things out there to talk about! Bring them to my attention. I would love to find some new, more positive topics.

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