So…shall our schools open? Has Coronavirus simply crumbled our education system?

The latest COVID-19 battle crossing the entire nation, and even the world. For some reason, we see the United States’ scientific data with the numbers rising intensely with new cases and deaths, and there is still WH force that schools return to a regular classroom schedule this fall. Safely.

How is it possible that this is the safest and healthiest option for children? Even though we all saw the difficulty of learning when classrooms pulled a 180-degree turn in the spring, we all have the choice to work with the needs of our cities and regions. Keeping kids on a learning schedule that is safest for everyone around (sometimes one or two days a week, with parents having the option for complete online schooling), there is much to gain for improved health and safety.

So, how much farther will this battle go? All across the country? There are universities, colleges, school districts, and other people involved in the beginning of a lawsuit against the WH wanting to deport immigrant students who are here on educational visas. All I can say is “How did this turn into yet another immigration situation?!”

There is so much more for all of us to learn from the coronavirus. Yes, we can all learn to wear masks and maintain a safe distance in public places. Hygiene can always be improved and self-health care as well.

All I can say is that with the numbers spiking in so many places, there is much reason to focus on this… the health issue, the public need, the wellness of our people, AND LEAVE THE POLITICS BEHIND!