A Nation of Chaos…

Well… a little over two weeks now and the protests continue calmly throughout the streets of our nation. Protesting the death of George Floyd and spreading much farther into the value of the Black Lives Matter movement, there is much left to be said.

Even more importantly, there are words and activity coming from people of all races, religions, colors, and creeds. No matter who may enter those marches, the strength of the message is making its way to the leaders of cities and our nation as a whole.

It’s hard to understand what may come from the head of our country, especially when there doesn’t seem to even be any sort of agreement inside the White House as to what should be done. With a president who spends almost all of his time on Twitter, thinking that this the best way to spread his own messages, it has become a childish affair.

What can be done now? What WILL be done? So many people are taking the motion for activity of defunding police departments. But, maybe it is something that is up for the overall national movement against systemic racism in the police and other areas of our country.

So, at this point, it’s up to the national leaders to update the troubles that have happened for decades and even centuries. It is up to our lawmakers to call out these problems and solve them rather than have a president scream out on Twitter bout what he thinks is wrong with the protestors in the streets.