Running Into an Old Schoolmate…

Well, there is much to consider when you are selling your home and buying a new one. I thought a lot about all that would need to be done for the financing, the realtor, showing to potential buyers, and finding my “dream home” but there was never much about the inspections that would have to be done on both properties.

Interestingly enough, my realtor had an AMAZING vendor list of potential contacts for the inspector who could evaluate my new condo. It turned into one of those stories of irony where the name at the very bottom of the list hit a spark of my memory. A friend from high school!

And sure enough, it was the best job ever! At the scheduled time of the inspection he must have been in there early and out within a half hour of the scheduled start time. He even texted me directly afterward to let me know that the inspection was complete and that I had plenty to be happy about in buying that new condo! It was wonderful to have someone so friendly and helpful during such a stressful activity.

So, for all of you out there…especially if you are here in the Greater Cincinnati area…I have to recommend Root Home Inspections for their efficient and quality work when it comes to getting your new home checked out!

Kind of like being in high school again, though being almost 40 and into a new phase of life, it’s interesting to retouch with contacts from over 2 decades ago! I’m sure you would love it if you were in my position and having the same thing happen for you, but this inspection team can definitely do the job in this town!

So, visit their website at and bring them in for a quality check on your dream home! Great job, Richie Root! 🙂