A Truly Heart-Warming Act of Generosity

Something that is so rare these days, about 20 minutes ago I saw a truly generous act from one individual to a couple whom he does not know at all. As I sit in a little restaurant around the corner from school, doing some of my work and getting ready to complete my class readings for this evening, I just witnessed the event of a gentleman sitting alone paying the entire bill for a senior couple sitting right in front of me.

Just as he was leaving, I saw him provide a wave of notification to the server and tell her, “It’s all paid.” I could only think that he mentioned his bill and wanted to make sure that she knew he wasn’t walking out, leaving his tab unpaid. Then, a couple of minutes later, she walked over to the couple sitting at a table right here in front of me, leaned over and said, “The gentleman sitting at that table right over there (pointing her finger to where he had sat just minutes earlier) has paid your bill. It’s all taken care of.”

They both looked over and then looked toward the door. It was adorable that they almost looked sad about the fact. The woman mentioned to her husband, “We didn’t even get to thank him.”

Now, I know that isn’t something like a glorious charitable donation or thousands of dollars to a family in need. But acts of generosity and kindness just don’t seem to be seen that often these days. We all spend so much time arguing over the most unimportant things going on in our nation and world, that we forget about the value of life, honesty, and kindness.

It certainly made me smile.


Hard to Believe the Closed-Mindedness of a Church Decision

I just saw on the news that the very church under which I was raised has openly blocked the allowance of homosexual ministers and same-sex marriage. I understand that I am not the most religious person in the world, I believe in spirituality, but I also feel that every person has the right to their own self-identity.

There is no reason to force these ministers and couples out of the church simply for being honest about their identity. So long as they are not pushing this belief or identity on anyone while they are acting as a part of the church, I would not see in any way how being gay would make anyone less Christian.

This has to be something that is such a closed-minded decision by a church. If two people love each other and want to make that commitment to one another, having a respectful relationship, then the church should not have the right to block them from their population.

Apparently, the minister of one of the United Methodist Churches here in the Cincinnati area is being expunged by the church because of being openly gay and married to another man. I find that unacceptable. If he believes in God, believes in the church, and spends his time in ministry focusing on that fact and not blabbering on about homosexuality, then it is not in any way relative to his role as a minister.

I am baffled that this is even the remaining closed-minded nature of the church in which I grew up. It makes me never want to walk in the doors of one again, but maybe the one of this minister who has been so accepting of all members of the community, no matter how they identify their sexuality or other personal traits.

Rosemary’s Babies & Zoo Babies. Sneakers & Gowns. Legends & You.

Cincinnati locals… There is a great non-profit gala event coming up later this spring. Take a look and see what you think!

Join Rosemary’s Babies Company for the incredible, fun-tastic “Sneaker Gala” at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 6:00pm. All the collected efforts of the Sneakers & Gowns, Legends Showcase, and Benefit Gala will support local teen parents and families. Greater Cincinnati, Ohio & Northern Kentucky teen parents are able to benefit greatly from every ticket and auction purchase from this event.

Among an evening full of dining and fun, there is enjoyment to be had all around. Along with the auction starting at the beginning of the evening, there will be several presenters all night. Even more than a benefit for the babies of the community, there is a great deal of fun all night long!

You have the ability to take an exclusive tour of the Zoo Babies before the big event, starting at 3:00pm. Then, join us for dinner and the Rose & Rose’ Auction starting at 6:00. We will also have performances by Makenzie Thomas of The Voice, Grammy-nominated Blues Artist Stacy Mitchart (a.k.a. The Blues Doctor), and Cincinnati music legends The Deele.

Order your Sneakers & Gowns Gala tickets for $65 each. This includes parking, entry to the Zoo Babies tour at 3:00, the complete dinner event, and the entire evening’s fun!

There is also a special rate for non-profits, new businesses, and groups. This is a $500 total prices for ten seats, including the same fun events as ten individual tickets. So, come have a fun evening out for your group, and support local teen parents!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Note that the event was moved to Cincinnati Zoo because May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. We wanted to increase the awareness of Babies by celebrating at the Cincinnati Zoo with our popular local Zoo Babies. The event is also sponsored by UC Health.

What’s More Important – Fruits? Vegetables? Meats?

I saw a report on the news recently about the food that were best for brain health, and the amounts of certain foods that help to keep a better health over all.

We have all been focusing on the value of protein in our lives, and some of the dieting trends like Keto and LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) options. While these are good, it is always important to never forget the vegetables and fruits that provide the nutrients and the fiber that help so many of your systems.

One of these is the brain. There is a great deal of produce that is considered “brain food.” It is important that there are at least five servings of these foods in your diet daily in order to help maintain a strong memory and brain functions. Otherwise, as you grow older the memory can start to subside fairly quickly, and the potential for issues like dementia and other memory issues will arise.

While proteins and fats are good, and helpful for a balanced diet, there is much to gain from making sure to increase the amount of green vegetables in you eat daily. There are particular vegetables that are known to help with brain health, including kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and some others.

Additionally, there is a benefit to fruit, especially with it being a healthy form of sugars. This can be a filler for the processed and pasteurized foods that provide little or no nutritional value to the body. It could be worth looking into, definitely if you have brain deficiencies in your family. So, good luck in trying to improve your diet for the long-term!

More on Feminism…

All those incredible women elected into government this year!

What more do you think there is about feminism that is shown in the growth of our nation? Maybe in the growth of the world?

There seem to be certain changes that are not so feminist, although many women over the past couple of years have been able to stand up for themselves against the men who harassed them. So, we have moved on to having over a hundred women elected into Congress, and there needs to be much more said about that.

Something about it states the fact that even the men in our nation feel that those women have the skills and strengths to represent them in the House and Senate. Even after watching the documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsberg on CNN, there is much to be said for having women all throughout the government.

I know that I don’t feel much about having the women who are willing to kiss the ass of a president like Trump in order to make their way, but there is something about the women who are willing to work their own asses off in order to make it up to that status.

Now we also have the incredible number of women who are working their way into the 2020 presidential election. There may not be much to say about all of them in combination, but there is something that it says about the potential of American women overall and how far our country has come over many years.

So, where does feminism go now? Are we able to continue growth in this area? What is the top of the ladder for women in the feminist list of goals? Is it the role of president? Is there something else that would possibly mean that feminism has been fulfilled? That women are able to do completely everything that they want?

I know this sounds like a bit of ranting and raving from a looney toon, but there is something about this that brings a great question to me. I would hate for the idea, the theory, of feminism to fade away based on the idea that a woman has reached the top leadership role in the country.

What do you think? Feminism continues to grow? Even continues on and on?

Carbon Footprint

Almost nothing about the phrase “carbon footprint” sounds bad. But, what should we worry about when it comes to the carbon footprint that we leave behind during our time here on earth?

It’s incredible to believe that the carbon footprint comes more from the unnatural products that we use and leave behind. Waste, pollution, exhaust, and more. No matter what we do as humans, it is almost impossible to dive immediately into 100% zero-waste lifestyles.

I would like the ability to imagine myself as someone who supports the rehabilitation of my planet completely. If I were able to gain a completely solar-powered home, an electric car, and make sure that I recycle every single little piece waste that can be then I may be able to smile about this.

There has to be a way to at least reduce my carbon footprint to the point where I can make an improvement. Something of value to all the animals and fish around us who rely on our water, soil, and air. Our atmosphere has been so demolished by the basic human developments that have been growing over centuries, our carbon-based growth, that we have no way to bring ourselves back to a natural state of living.

I wonder sometimes how healthy I am living by eating as many vegetables and fruits as possible, especially with them growing from the soil where we live. How clean is the “cleanest” spot on our planet?

Just a thought… I’m sure there will be more to ask about it later! Let me know what YOU think!

Tariffs – Are they On the Road to Explosion?

So, how many more tariffs do we have entering our economy? Are they taking over the retail and sales businesses of our nation? Of our world? Are they harming U.S. businesses?

News has even reported that because of the trouble of gaining materials and parts, they may have to move out of the country. So many of those jobs that our so-called president has tried to promise to be growing will possibly be heading to the countries he wants to block off. Some of our auto plants may be going to countries like Mexico in order to avoid some of the greatest shipping tariffs.

Other industries that work to help consumers save money on things like energy and utility bills are being cut off from making purchases that would help to manufacture their products cost-effectively. Without the ability to purchase parts of the solar panel or other renewable energy products outside the country, these items are becoming much more expensive to create. Then the installation costs must go up. Everything becomes more expensive in order to help keep those businesses alive. And then the consumer loses all interest in the product. At least until they can afford them again.

Are there more business moves to follow? Have many of them found that there are better options than staying put and waiting out the trouble? Could they possibly believe that there is only a little time until everything goes back to positive? Maybe that we have a positive situation on the horizon.

Tariffs are a definite danger to our economy, but we can only hope that it is something that this horrible president has put in place that will be torn down once he is taken out of this role. Only with hope can we all believe that there is much to consider for the growth of our economy with a greater balance in Congress. Fingers crossed for improvement.