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An Amazing Story… Big Pharma Bleeding Dry Those Who Are the Most in Need!

Watching an online show, a Town Hall from Iowa, and a story told by a local about the EXTREME cost of her prescription for MS that has reached even higher than ridiculous prices. I know that I had always thought of my own prescription as self-depleting when it reached the amount of a couple hundred dollars a month. But hearing this story about a woman with multiple sclerosis who requires a prescription costing over $21,000 every six weeks it is almost impossible to believe what these companies are doing to the people of this country.

It makes me question the fact that I have even started to consider taking a part-time, off-site role for a pharmaceutical company. There is something in me that says there is no way I would be able to morally or ethically be able to work for a company in this industry. No matter how much money they were to offer me in a paycheck.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but with all of the arguments that are tossed back and forth about universal healthcare and all, there is much more to it than that. So many other people need healthcare in some form, more so than everyone needs healthcare provided from the government. So many people need access to at least the essential healthcare to live from day to day, especially with everything that these companies gain in revenue for these drugs along with the rest of the medical industry.

I’m sure there are so many more of you out there facing issues with things like this! I know that I hear so many people making the assumption that these presentations are socialist, but there is more to it than that. I would love to see what YOU ALL have to say about this, as the voice of the people should be so raised in volume with the government’s upcoming actions.


Obesity: A “disease” in need of physician treatments?

So… would there be much need to moving beyond a healthier diet and exercise to start an attempt at losing weight? Is this supposed to be a disease that is worth the advice of your physician rather than the self-discipline it always required in the past?

Many searches show the availability of weight loss prescriptions, and this is on top of the many available weight loss surgeries that have existed for decades now. So, is there any real need to work on your own weight anymore? Does it only take a little more money in order to be the fittest and most beautiful survivor on the island?

Even the websites that take the time to present medical options for weight loss and treatment are receiving over 100,000 visitors per month! This is more of a search than someone going to a search engine and looking for the answer to “a healthy diet” or a “quality form of exercise.” Have we honestly become that last as a fat community?!

I know that it is harder for me these days to keep the weight off. It is harder to maintain the motivation of fitness and health (both in exercise and diet) than it ever was before. So, what should we ALL do at this point? Is it worth increasing the income of physicians with this concern? Is it really something that should be considered a disease?

I believe my own opinion is that this is definitely something more of a habit. Something much more necessary for personal restrictions that could lead to the continued improvement of health and wellness overall.

What do you think you can do for the potential to improve your health or lose the weight that you would like to, without the assistance of a doctor? Would you be able to complete your goals without surgery? Without drastic actions taken by anyone other than yourself?

Tell me your stories! My own before and after has not been something amazing over the past eight years or so. I would love to hear what other people have been able to do with helping to keep a balance in life, in keeping both the professional, family, economic, and other daily responsibilities in balance along with their own health. Have you been able to do so? I know that I have faltered at times and I could use your advice!

Are legal immigrants scheduled to be deported?

The United States of America has been battling the voice presenting the so-called necessary wall at the southern border for the past two years. With the imaginary positive nature that apparently claims 100% accuracy in his presentation, the president sitting in the White House continues with his efforts to challenge those immigrants looking for asylum.

So many different news stories have made their way across the nation, from political and legal issues to those of immigrants being forced into random cities around the country. Apparently, there is much to consider about the locations where many of these people are being sent, especially with those towns that are not prepared to accept the residence of these individuals.

Although the apparent initial statement of this action was to send immigrants to sanctuary cities, there are locations like Florida where random cities will see the entrance of thousands of individuals for which that have absolutely no preparation.

Since the very first days of the Trump administration, there has been an overwhelming effort to force immigrants out of this nation, even when they are attempting the proper citizenship process. Now, over the past two years, the efforts have continued to increase on the actions that will explode the division of this nation.

A nation that was founded on the basis of immigration, there is something about this that doesn’t make sense at all. Basically, the more important needs of our country are being ignored, simply to have the governmental organizations that spend their time managing immigration all of a sudden flooded with responsibility.

All of a sudden, anyone who is an immigrant, even if they are following the legal processes, is considered illegal in some manner. With all of this horrible designation placed upon these immigrants over the past couple of years, there has developed an even greater feeling of fear and hatred. White supremacy increased with all of these considered and seems to grow even further.

Fitness regimes – How to find the best workout for your body

Okay… we see so many different advertisements for workout subscriptions available online, and other television ads for different local gyms that are supposed to keep you up-to-date on physical fitness. Either way, it is likely best to determine the workout schedule that will start from your existing fitness level as well as fitting with your overall schedule.

So, what in-home, outdoor, or gym workout would be the best for you? Have you found a way to determine the best exercise for your own fitness needs or even the fitness goals that you have set?

Luckily, there are many different websites and magazines that help you research the best workout programs and times to exercise. With all of the different details that are needed in order to help place your workouts within your work and eating schedules, as well as also making sure that you get a good night’s sleep during the appropriate hours.

So, with all of this together, there is much to consider in planning out a fitness and diet schedule that is specific to your own needs. If you come across a gym or a trainer that attempt to simply hand out the same fitness details to everyone, then you need to know that a little research has to be done on your own. Not everyone’s body responds the same to a popular diet, and not everyone needs to do a ton of weight lifting or the same sort of cardio workouts. Just take a little time and figure out what is best for you in particular, especially if you have a well-defined goal for what you want.

A couple of articles to read online for some help:


Is there a Leading National Movement to Help Overall Health Improvement?

Well, there is much to consider when it comes to improving your health. There are daily ins and outs like your diet and exercise while there are also things like health insurance that provide great challenges to all Americans in a financial manner.

We all had the start of the Affordable Care Act under President Obama that helped to start the presentation of an idea that the entire population deserves access to affordable insurance plans that help to gain all healthcare as needed.

Now that things are changing, this issue has become even more of a challenge between lawmakers and the country as a whole. While so many Democrats have an idea to provide easy access to Medicare, there appears to be much more to the fact than a simple solution like that.

So, there is much more to consider as we enter the term period of another presidential election. With the issue of healthcare back on the table for so many different candidates and the country as a whole, we have a great deal of evaluation and analysis required to make sure that the proper action will be taken.

At this point, it has become clear to a great amount of the nation that we have a narcissist individual sitting in the oval office, without a great deal of care for what will happen to our country as a whole. You have a lot to consider when it comes to voting for a candidate who will battle this president on the podium over the next couple of years.

What sort of change will a large majority of the country be able to handle? Even with the idea that many of these highly left ideals being wonderful for the American population, there is also the risk that radical attempts at change to issues like healthcare could simply run the election into the ground.

Multi-vitamins vs. supplements: What’s the best intake of essential nutrients?

I have to ask if there is a benefit to either the daily multi-vitamin or supplement that may help increase the intake of nutrients that are needed for your health. Would it be better to find a dietary change that would help make sure that all of those nutrients are taken in naturally?

I can ‘t imagine that it is necessary to go 100% organic, especially because many of us cannot necessarily afford that change in the grocery bill. However, there is definitely something that can be done in order to help make sure that the healthy options are included in your diet, rather than relying completely on the pills that you put into your body.

What supplements do you take most often? I know that there are some that appeal to my desire for the improvement of memory and other mental functions, especially considering my history with epilepsy. I like the ability to take Omega-3 oils to help with both the heart and nervous systems, knowing that it could be a brain support source.

But I also know that there are ways that I can eat or drink some healthy oils and fats within my diet. With additional items like coconut oil and some others, many natural diet options are helpful with many health updates. Sometimes these are even included with appetite reduction and weight loss.

So, where can I go from here? What are the best steps that I can take in order to both keep my health improving regularly and continue trying to get back into shape? With that as one of my goals, there is much to consider. Have any of you all tried to determine the best dietary balance that will help make the strongest steps for what you need?


Potential Issues with Intercontinental Travel

I know that one of my own questions includes the question of whether or not all of these immigration battles and arguments will affect international travel. Even more so, affect intercontinental travel.

There was previously so much trust and faith in the United States as a leader of the western world, though now there is some perception of a ridiculous voice. With the idea that Americans are no longer able to trust visitors or newbies into our country.

Intercontinental Travel

With so many different needs or requirements to travel overseas, I have to question what the various security needs will be considering the standards now growing about immigration. It is almost as though there is no acceptance of the term “visitor” at this point. There has now been set a definition upon those entering from the southern border as some sort of criminals and dysfunctionals, and now the next proposal is that they will have to pass some sort of course or test to enter the country.

What about all of the criminal Europeans that come from overseas to the east of us? What about those who sneak in at ports or come in from the north, simply walking over the border from Canada?

We have a full list of continents including North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. With all of the different discriminatory tweets and statements that have been placed out into the air over the past couple of years, is there something dangerous about traveling to these areas because of all those dangerous people who want so badly to enter the United States? Maybe, is it better to travel to South Africa?

We can ask questions over and over again without any sort of answer. No resolution. I guess the only question left is where we go to new. With all of the terrorists that live all across the world, even within our own nation, there cannot be any real reason to place one nation or another into more of this category than the other. How do we continue with protection rather than the “above and beyond all others” speeches that come from the White House?