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More than Economy: Could our Democracy Fall?

There have been questions recently of the rise and fall of the stock market at intervals.

Now, there is much more to worry about with the response that has occurred to the mid-term elections. With an amazing placement of more women and diverse ethnicities in Congress than ever in history, there is still something to be said for the argument that is in place across Capitol Hill.

With so many mysterious events, along with the horrific damage happening to our nation and our people, there is much to wonder about the political battle in place. Is there something more important to those at the head of our country than the people who live within our borders?

We have a president yelling at us, constantly attempting to flare out at the media and the public in order to defend his actions in the White House. What is with the defense game that is constantly in play?

How about the various lawsuits that are being placed against our president, especially over the past year? Right now the suit for the first lady being the one to motivate firing of White House employees? What more are we expected to see in the next couple of years if this remains at the lead of our country?

Therefore, questions exist across the board. There is so much to wonder about regarding the battle of the media, and what we have to fight for the freedoms that exist as the standard of our nation. Our Bill of Rights has so much to present for the benefits of our population, but there is something about those at the very lead of our country without the acceptance of those rights in any manner. Is something being completely reversed from 250 years ago when we became an independent nation?


November: National Epilepsy Month

For all of my friends and family there is a great knowledge for the influence which my own epilepsy has had on life over the past twenty or so years, but there is so much to be learned for everything that can be done for everyone else in the world facing the various difficulties and challenges of epilepsy on a daily basis.

I know that I wrote an extremely interesting article a little over a year ago on the Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy, helping raise the point (at least to myself) of some of the natural health benefits that are possible for not only epilepsy and seizure but other conditions faced within the human body. It’s hard to believe that after all of these years there must be some natural ways to help add control to the occurrence of my seizures without constantly changing medication or facing the potential of brain surgery.

I guess so many people think of the straightforward common definition of epilepsy as in just being the occurrence of grand mal seizures with an individual falling on the floor in convulsions. I personally know this is not the case, and that I myself have faced at least two different types of seizures over my own over the past twenty years, while I cannot speak for others who may have had completely different experiences. I am sure there are plenty of individuals around the world who could stand to learn plenty more about the seizures that their friends, family, colleagues and others around them may be facing on a daily basis.

So, in researching dietary supplements for my seizure medications it does appear that there are plenty of options to be looked into, which I will likely discuss in more detail later, but I know that spreading my voice and hope for successful treatment of this difficult condition to others under the same fall of darkness. I wish the best to all of you others with your own epileptic seizures or children or others close to you with epilepsy and hope to help lead you to some positive research in adding to the medical treatments which do not always prove effective.

It is wonderful to know that there are so many places for all of us with epilepsy and relatives facing this condition including a community called My Epilepsy Team, which I have joined and love seeing daily responses of others who face the same challenges as me. The Epilepsy Foundation of America is also standing up for National Epilepsy Month, both on Facebook and with locations all over the country to connect with patients and their families. We all need to work together in support of those facing this life altering disease!


Looking Back at the Story of a Woman Harrassed by Police for Feeding Homeless Man

(“The Hill”) – reported that a US woman had the cops called on her for giving food to a homeless man…

I came across this article the other day and I realized that it had simply slipped from my memory. Even though there is a great deal of conversation held, or even arguments, about the treatment of the homeless in our city and the nation, something like this has just fallen by the wayside.

Are the homeless the ones being mistreated? Are those who try to help the homeless being mistreated for the time and effort they offer to those who are truly in need?

I have to wonder about the idea of equality of man and freedom that our nation what founded upon. While democracy had presented the notion of every man having the right to speak for himself, it seems as though individuals who may have made a couple of mistakes in their life are pushed aside when they are able to finally find the courage to stand up and ask for help.

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of visiting a homeless assistance center in Northern Kentucky. These people provide such caring support to those who are homeless that it is amazing to see what their efforts are able to do. Working to help them take showers, with a warm place to sleep in the winter, find work, and get started again in the world when a previous mistake may have led them in the wrong direction.

I have to admit that I hope to have the benefit of writing more about this center and some of the others in the area who make such huge steps in giving back to our society. We have an incredible number of non-profits and charities working for the benefit of the community!



Connection back to a similar story in Georgia, December 2017:

Where to Find the Best Networking Events?

I’ve been wondering what the best networking events are for me as a small business owner. I don’t know if there is a best route to take. I know there are many different paid options to choose from, especially groups that charge hundreds more than I am able to spend.

So, I guess that makes me ask others what free networking groups that have to recommend. Any of you out there have some recommendations? I know that there may be webinars that are informational, simple presentations that are downloadable for free, and more.

Maybe more of you are in Cincinnati where there are small groups that meet every now and then. Maybe they are more personal than financial, as in not having membership feels, but for the group you have to be invited. Maybe the expense for the group is that everyone brings a food item to share and that food and drinks are included with the meeting while you discuss your business goals and network together how you could help one another.

Just a thought! Maybe I am coming up with ideas to put my own group together, but I don’t know if I have the time for that! LOL… If anyone has a hint for me, simply reply! I would love to hear from you all.

Zero-Waste Procedures: Are these Attempts Helping Businesses Financially?

The simplest way to define the “zero-waste” policy is the matter of keeping all garbage or used materials out of the landfill. Everything is either reused or recycled in order to keep from adding a single ounce of garbage to the landfill. And from where I live, less than 10 miles from our local landfill, I admit that this is something that should be considered for the benefit of our earth for many reasons. So, there is the question of whether businesses need to invest efforts in these processes because it will help them financially in the long run.

First, there is the role of reusable packaging, an option in a number of businesses. If there is a durable package developed in the first stage, then there only needs to be a proper storing and cleaning method developed to help manage those packages. However, the issue exists for the customers to return these packages to the company to be reused. That process is something that can be a challenge as these are new to the system and not a common thing in many businesses to date.

Second, there is always the value of recycling. As a business, you have the ability to use ALL recyclable materials inside the office. Your business also has the ability to build products, packaging and more from recycled materials. With that “Made from 100% Recycled Material” symbol is on your package there is a whole other audience brought into your hands. They are the ones who will be more likely to recycle those products themselves as well. And so the circle goes round and round. Additionally, it is important to know that many cities and states have put recycling incentives into place, meaning that recycling is now automatically included with garbage collection in order to help customers recycle as much as possible and keep the material entering the landfill to a minimum.

So, when do we think “zero-waste” may be of greater potential to our nation and world? There are scientists who predict that there are some businesses capable of having this certification within the next few years, while others predict that it will still be several decades before we receive a significant amount of “zero-waste” effort from corporations in order to make a significant difference for the environment.

A Possible Link Between Menopause and Insomnia?

Okay, I am going to admit that there is a personal reason for me to address this topic, being both issues in one. I have been concerned for at least a couple of years now that I may already be entering peri-menopause and my challenges with healthy sleep have been growing. This makes me wonder if the two are connected in some way.

Considering a number of direct symptoms that come from all stages of menopause, there can be a resulting change in sleep patterns and overall difficulty sleeping. These include hormonal changes, hot flashes, depression, mood swings, and social issues. Well, I know that I have to admit that many of these things are part of my life over the past few years and could be bringing me a great deal of discomfort in the night.

I know that I find myself restless or uncomfortable, even if I am exhausted upon going to bed. While I’m not even forty yet, I am now starting to think that I have more signals or symptoms than ever that indicate I am entering the next stage of my life.

How about the rest of you? Have you been having this problem as you enter menopause or progress through the cycle? I definitely understand that it’s hard to think of myself as getting “older” with all of the physical and hormonal changes that will occur in this process.

With all of my research, there does not seem to be a definite way to determine whether my sleep issues are a sign of insomnia other than to consult a doctor. I will admit that going to the doctor can be a scary event because we all know that it may lead to the answer we don’t want to hear, which in my case is, “Yes. You have started menopause.”

And from there, we will have much more to discuss on this topic as time rolls on!

Goat Yoga

Introduction: What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. This practice is very widely used for health and relaxation, sometimes as exercise or treatment for an illness or ailment.

At the core of yoga is the intent of gaining inner peace. There are instances of meditation, along with positions that work to improve strength and flexibility combined. The goal is overall improved health and fitness, with the included spiritual improvement for overall well-being.

Definition of Goat Yoga

One of the most interesting factors is that it really is with goats. While it is considered to some to be a craze, there are many who believe it to be a great exercise along with many other businesses that have been able to develop classes and workshops for goat yoga.

It is also held outdoors in fields, or on farms. “‘Goat Yoga is a yoga class that is held in the backfield at my farm,’ writes Lainey Morse, the proprietor of Goat Yoga (as well as a freelance photographer and office manager) in an email. ‘My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone.’”

Difference Between Goat Yoga and Traditional Yoga

Well, primarily there is the fact that goat yoga actually includes interaction with goats, making it not quite as spiritual, quite or peaceful as traditional yoga. Considering the interaction with the goats, this is a much more intense form of exercise or activity than traditional yoga. Considering the fact that traditional yoga is a series of balanced poses that one individual can complete on their own, working toward advanced strength, flexibility, and meditation.

What Makes Goat Yoga “The Craze”

Well, this fitness trend is considered to be the latest and greatest, at least in its creativity. Having started up in 2016 in Oregon, the fitness trend is sweeping the nation, with the inclusion of goats that sometimes walk around throughout the class and sometimes get involved in the activity of the class. This sort of removes the silence or intense emotion that can come from the meditation and spirituality of traditional yoga, which has been the trend in previous years. The goat yoga classes are actually very popular with families as the goats are trained to be social with people, including children. The kids are able to play with the goats or even attempt the same yoga poses as parents while the goats move throughout the class for possible interaction with anyone.