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Using Rainwater for Irrigation

The input of gutters along our roofs is an age-old practice that is helpful to drain rainwater away from the house. However, there are plenty of ways that this water can be used collectively to fill ponds or fountains in your lawn gardens while also providing water for irrigation of flower beds and other gardens. While in the past main drain pipes simply poured water into the nearest ground rain, now it is helpful to maintain a perforated pipe that can pour water directly into a yard location in need of irrigation.

Usually, by the time rain sets in there have been enough consecutive dry days that the flower bed or the garden may need irrigation. The ability to reuse that rainwater for that very same purpose is very helpful, considering the limited amount of groundwater and other water supplies in some areas of the country. This could help keep your home water costs to a minimum while also helping to maintain the local environment. rainwater irrigation

Since the usual purpose of the downspout is to protect your foundation or slab from potential water damage, an extended downspout can still keep water away from the foundation while releasing water into your flower bed.

In addition to the rainwater irrigation of your flower beds, there is another point to consider. If you have a vegetable, herb or other garden in your yard it can also be irrigated with rainwater. There are the gutters from your home, and on the chance that you have a barn or shed with a roof that required gutters those downspouts can irrigate all gardens.

While there are high-tech irrigation systems available, there is always the option to irrigate simply and efficiently with rainwater. You have the option to work with your existing gutters and simply realign your downspouts as to the final location where rainwater is poured.

There is no reason to waste all that rainwater that may come at any one time, and it is definitely helpful to preserve the local water levels by using that natural irrigation for your yard décor or to water your flower beds and gardens. Just take a moment to consider this option and help preserve the environment by managing water efficiently. Good luck!


Tips to Reduce Electric and Gas Energy

There are several energy and cost-saving tips for those cooler temperatures starting in the fall and winter, no matter in what region of the country you reside. The best place to begin is within your own home, including several of the simple steps and suggestions provided by some of the largest energy conglomerates in America. While not only cutting your monthly bills, you will also be able to minimize the amount of electricity and gas used as you attempt to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. reduce energy 2

The California Energy Commission offers many tips to help save energy and cost alike during the winter months. With many options available to help manage the amount of gas and electricity, the amount of natural gas used will be easily reduced. Some of this include simply turning down the thermostat temperature when no one is home or turning down the setting on the hot water heater.

Another customer-friendly publication that offers energy saving tips for the winder appears in The Family Handyman. No matter the different energy supply you use, a number of tips are available in this article to help conserve energy throughout your house all winter. While keeping the thermostat at a lower temperature there is the option to use space heaters in specific rooms as they are populated, as well as making sure that the fireplace is well-maintained and properly functioning (if that is one of your heating sources).

As the brisk winds and frost hit with the freezing temps of the winter, it is helpful to have the windows fully sealed and any of those that need additional draft covering could have seals over the inside of the window or additional caulk to help cover the seal. It is overall best to include basic energy saving updates that help to reduce breezes entering the home, program the temperature of the home for a regular daily or weekly schedule and much more.

As the outdoor temperature lowers even more throughout the winter, there is always the ability to reduce the furnace temperature to about 68 degrees, still feeling warm. There are also plenty of indoor additions that can be made for the times you do spend at home, such as special furnaces and other small devices that can provide stronger heat within only the room where you are located. With so many of these advisory websites and articles available, you should be able to find the perfect options to help reduce your energy usage and cost, while also staying warm and helping the environment.

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is referred to as “A complete home energy solution.” With the ability to use much more than the typical fraction of solar power used within any home, the compact and efficient Tesla battery is able to help the home work in a brighter and more efficient manner.

While we all appreciate the development of solar power for our homes, there is always the potential that a stormy or dark week will minimize the energy that is reusable within the home. Additionally, there is the assistance that Tesla Powerwall can provide in helping your solar panels or other renewable energy source to make use of a much high percentage of the energy absorbed from the environment. There is no need to let it come into your home without being put to use. tesla power 2

As a battery that helps use more of the solar energy collected by the panels and work efficiently throughout your home, Tesla makes the most of your appliances and utilities. As mentioned previously, this is well worth the one-time expense for the product and installation in the long-term savings of remaining off the power-grid of your utility region while also providing longer lasting efficiency for your solar panels or other power source.

So, as far as I can recommend, the quote mentioned on the Tesla website provides an incredible summary of its basic service to your environmentally friendly energy sources. No matter what you have initiated in the construction or remodeling of your home in an effort to go green, the installation of the Tesla Powerwall can definitely help to complete the process. I believe that anyone looking to finalize the environmentally friendly energy procedure it is a worthwhile effort to visit the Tesla site for their different models and levels of products, as well as the definition of the Tesla company and everything they have been working to do for the conservation of energy and the environment.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Several Eco-Friendly Products

We all know that it is important to keep the quality of the air in the house at a prime state for the health and wellness of the entire family. There are basic steps to take such as cleaning the house, as well as having the air vents and ducts cleaned regularly, and then making sure the air filters of the HVAC system are changed as instructed.  th

Eco Air Filter
While changing the air filter as often as is instructed for the system, there is also the ability to add an ecofriendly air filter to the HVAC system to further improve the air quality of the home. There is no need to constantly worry about the further release of dust, toxins and other dangerous particles released into the air on a regular basis. There are many HEPA filters available to help improve the in-home air quality for everyone, improving all our health all over the world.

Eco Air Purifier
Now, in addition to improving the quality of air filter used within the HVAC system there is always the ability to add ecofriendly air purifiers to any room in the home where additional air cleaning may be necessary. There is always the room that acquires the most dust, or sometimes the room where the dog or cat sleeps most often. With things like dust and other chemicals, along with pet hair, released into the air, smaller and more convenient air purifiers can be very helpful to any family.

Additional Eco-Friendly Décor
Plants and Other Items for a Greener, Cleaner Home
Still need that extra-clean air for that home while adding to the décor at the same time? There are so many ecofriendly in-home plants available today that benefit the quality of air in the home, helping for clean breathing and reducing discomfort of many seasonal symptoms of allergies, sinuses and others.

One of the topics included is the very popular Feng Shui décor, which tends to include several small indoor plants that are more than beautiful but also beneficial to the health of the family. There are so many different types of small, ecofriendly plants that can be placed throughout the home while also improving air quality:

• Dragon tree
• Corn plant
• Dwarf date palm
• Weeping fig

There are many more that can be found all throughout the country and can provide several decorative and health benefits combined within the home. There is no need to assume that things have to be one or the other, healthy or pretty. It is always possible to have all benefits in one, appliances and plants that help with air quality while also fitting into the beautiful décor of your home.

Summer is Cooking: Make Use of Renewable Solar Energy!

There are many growing methods to including renewable energy in everyday life, including the benefits of solar cooking. With summer on the way, there is no reason to heat up the kitchen with the oven or other appliances when preparing for some of those large family gatherings, block parties, or other events. There is much to be said for the sun and all of its energy, and now it can be used with a number of solar cookers to help put together wonderfully delicious meals. grill

There are many different brands and types of cookers, so based upon the types of cooking you will be doing there is plenty of shopping to be done. There is no reason to believe that your dishes or meals will come out dry or tasteless, or that every single cloud in the sky will slow your cook time. Make sure to follow specific instructions if using aluminum foil or reflective tape, and since every specific type of solar cooker makes use of UV Rays in a different fashion, it is best to choose the one that would best fit the location in which you will place it along with the weather of your region.

Different cookers include the following:
• Box Cookers
• Parabolic Reflectors
• Paraboloidal Reflectors
• Parabolic Troughs
• Spherical Reflectors
• Vacuum Tube Technology

It’s amazing to see that the advancements in today’s technology are not only being made on the internet, but that many brads are working toward the conservation of our planet and energy in the ways that we can make use of these resources.

It is easy to find yourself curious to the idea that these machines will not be able to cook food as well as ovens, stoves, crockpots and microwaves that we have all used for years. We know that if meat is uncooked or even undercooked there is always the chance of illness from any number of bacteria. There are many frequently asked questions that have already been answered by Solar Cooker at Cantina West where a great deal of research has been completed on the technology and efficiency of solar cooking.

We know you are looking to move forward with the benefits of renewable energy and an overall eco-friendly lifestyle. Take a minute to look at some of the resources below with even more information on types of cookers, some of the benefits you may received from solar cooking at your home, and much more. You could be one of millions helping us get one step closer to saving our planet!

Student Loans!

Millions of us have struggled to find a way into college and even more so, a way to pay for the tuition. No matter how many grants and stipends are out there for application, so many students find the need to sign on for extreme loans to enter the classroom more easily than working ridiculous hours that might only pay for one class a term.

student loans 2

I know that when I was in college there was not much of an option other than to run straight to the Federal Loan Service at the Admissions office in order to pursue full-time tuition and focus my attention primarily on my education. So many years ago, there were not all of these commercials and emails about Student Loans being reversible or forgiven, but I was always under the image that a college degree would simply provide me the income level to repay these loans within a decent amount of time. Oh boy was I wrong. 

So now I am thinking about how much I can tell the world about all of those questions that arise when thinking of how to pay for the education we so imminently need in order to further our professional lives as adults. It is definitely a frustrating issue, especially since I have found myself continually deferring the ones that I chose to take on, even after consolidating them a couple of times! So… there will be much more to offer in the need of what should be researched before signing a single paper for student loans, and I will have more to tell very soon!

So Many Questions and Concerns for Motherhood

I know that one of the topics I think about most often is that of motherhood, especially my own place in that role. I can honestly say that my pregnancy was a surprise and that I didn’t know that to pick up for myself in pulling the strings of motherhood together… But there are times that I watch movies or television, or books that I read, that make me think more and more about the roles all mothers play in this world to help keep things going. motherhood 2

Most recently I was watching Erin Brockovich one afternoon and looking at motherhood and professional inspiration alike from both the story of a poor woman raising her children alone and the actress’s charms of Julia Roberts. I have tried from very early in my son’s life to be able to handle both of the parental roles while bringing in the entire income of the home, but I wonder sometimes what the capability of all of that can be. There is so much to consider in being a single mother not collecting child support, and especially being that single mother working her ass off to keep building a professional life as well in order to improve that life at home as much as possible.

It is wonderful to consider myself in the strengths that I have to keep my house together, especially including the difficulties that I have overcome to bring life back to livable. I know that relationships with the kids can always become difficult when there is the worry about a job being more important than motherhood, and I saw that part of the movie where Erin’s son expresses frustration at bedtime due to her excessive attention to work. I know that I went through a wonderful period at one point where I had a lot of comfortable standards put together in this life, but then I let my fears and worries get the best of me.

So, I like to see both the relation and motivation of other mothers who have made the same natural fight as me in attempts to care for their children on their own. I know that I have a great amount of assistance from my family, and they helped a great deal in letting me complete my education and move further into my dreams among the professional world. I wonder sometimes whether employers separate me from others considering my need to place my son at a priority, especially when I always had to leave in time to pick him up from daycare and make sure that we were ready to keep plans organized and situated for all of his activities.

Looking at a single mother like the one in the movie I see myself with the same defensive and protective personality, both my son and myself, working toward both our sets of dreams in the world. There is a great amount to fight for, especially with the economic difficulties causing problems in the workforce and my nervous nature at interviews, no matter how qualified I feel for those positions which I have applied. There are so many other pieces of the world that often feel as though they are falling down around me, considering the fact that I am no longer a full family with my son enjoying his life out in the country with his grandparents. There are so many difficulties to make sure that life advances with all the glitter of professional dreams, fighting to maintain as many positions as possible in order to move forward both financially and with impression in my profession. So, trying to be a great and employee and mother at the same time is a conflicting internal battle… I know that I have much to continue working on for myself, but I hope that I will be able to work with many other to advance the state of mothers around the globe!

Take a note here… months later, as I have taken the time to look through so many books available by intelligent and experienced mothers out there, that there is a great deal to expect in the wonderful yet challenging work of a mother. I know that my life is not the one of a traditional mother, but it is still the most important thing in my life. There are so many wonderful authors and women out there with millions of pieces of advice to offer to new mothers and mothers facing the most difficult days of their relationships with their children. I think it would be helpful to read!