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Alternatives to Household Cleaning Chemicals – Going Green!

You can take come basic cooking or other natural kitchen products to work on cleaning many areas of the home without releasing chemicals into the air or sticking them to the surface. The beauty of saving both money and the environment comes from the benefit of homemade cleaning products. It is amazing to think of that you can make your cleaning supplies on your own, especially if that surprising mess occurs and you’re afraid that taking the time to run to the store will just make it settle in worse! go green cleaners

There is also the ability to choose safer household products within the current shopping and errand runs that you already make regularly. There are better brands to look for that are made with natural and organic ingredients. Whether you are looking for environmental protection or safety within the home, there are plenty of valuable brands of green cleaning products and one of the most valuable definitions of these is the ability to easily clean your home with natural products that are not running into the water or exposing your family to dangerous chemicals.

There are several options to help keep safer products of all sorts within the home. No matter whether it is a cleaner, the entertainment or play for the kids, construction of the home projects and more, there are always safer options to the chemicals that are typically kept in the home.

There is a bit of education to be had in order to learn the best alternatives to chemical products and learn about what others have studied and approved in the value of some that have been long used. If you worry sometimes that you do not have time to make your own cleaning supplies or handle messes yourself, there are in many areas local cleaning services that work along a greener method. go green cleaners 3

It is always important to search by both the specific mess or room which you are looking to clean naturally in order to make sure that the proper cleaning product is used or even made yourself. There is no reason to stick to one method and remembering that there are a number of alternatives out there is extremely valuable in keeping both a clean and healthy home at the same time. There so many alternative cleaners available that there should never be fear of a dirty home, or that cleaning traditionally will danger your family with unhealthy chemicals.


The Power of Vertical Gardens

There are so many questions that may arise when there is the desire or need to plant a garden, but limited space is available. Whether it may be helpful for business or home needs there are many options to complete these gardens.  vertical garden 1

There are a number of business height atriums that have been developed worldwide, but over time there have been many different vertical gardening systems developed. It is amazing to see the number of business towers working alongside the green efforts of many groups around the world. There is much to benefit from the internal and external space alike that can be preserved through the creation of these vertical gardens. While many businesses may need to grow flowers, vegetables, spices or other plants for their products or services, time and land are both saved in thevertical garden 2 combination of the vertical garden with the office building. All business functions are able to be managed in one location.

There are plenty of choices when there are outdoor and indoor walls available for the hanging of potted plants or also with the construction of trays and platters that will hold the smaller plants as well as spices and other items that can be easily grown at home. Whether it is internal or external there are a number of creative designs to build your own vertical garden. You can take the time to plan it our carefully, based upon exactly what you are looking to grow, the space you have available for use, along with many other interests in energy preservation and healthy air circulation within and around your home. 

There are a number of things to consider when developing a vertical garden of your own. The indoor space available where there is fulfilling light and air to provide proper growth is essential. Basically, there is nothing needed in regard to constructing this garden on your own. There are a number of kits that can be purchased to help with the development of these gardens, helping save space and improve air quality throughout the home.vertical garden 3

While this is an up-and-coming method to gardening, there is nothing to depend upon learning from others. With vertical gardening just beginning, there is a great amount of creativity allowed along with reading some of the posts from others who have just now started with this gardening process. There is much left to be determined in the world of vertical gardening, and you have the right to build your own.  


Research Questions: Could Algae be the Next Source of Renewable Energy?

In the 21st century with such an advanced overall study on the gain and improvement of renewable energy sources, there is one that truly intrigues me. Algae.

In the past algae was more recognized as a deadly bacteria that would infest our waters at times, killing fish and other nautical animals we consistently placed on our dinner tables. Now there is the ability, as researched by the U.S. Department of Energy and other large corporations, to turn these once dangerous microorganisms into a number of different biofuels. The great thing about this is that it has been studied around the world and could be the next step in replacing fossil fuels, which are slowly disintegrating from availability.

algae 2So the question would be… Where do we go from here? There are so many companies that have started the research of this beneficial product, including Exxon Mobil, but then drifted away little by little as the need for long-term research and development became costly. Is it not more important that we save our earth and expenses in the long run? Should we not work together to protect our lives and environment for the future of our children and grandchildren?

I think that there is a great value to the fact that algae available worldwide throughout the water can provide sustainable and renewable energy when combined with sunlight. There is also the benefit that oil emissions could eventually be eliminated, thus improving our air quality and weather in the long run.

While not working as a scientist, there are plenty of projects worth investing in one way or another. There are always a number of labs that are willing to accept donations for their development. Simply spread the word to help promote the development of biofuels across our valuable world. The study of algae is definitely one that would only create a replacement for fuel, while it would not risk minimizing the farm harvest of ever-important vegetables and other foods that have also been studied in the past as alternate resources.

All I can truly say, is to take a look at some of the published papers and results below about the work that has been done to date in the study of algae as renewable energy. Hopefully it will help it one day make travel and other energy much more affordable and easier on the environment.


What Effects Are Video Games Having on Our Children?

Introduction: Video Games Are A Large Part of Life

Sometimes it seems like so many children and teenagers want to spend more time playing video games today than doing their homework or playing sports or outside with their friends. It makes me curious about the potential for all of that action and violence to harm their brains even though contemporary technology can be a great advantage for all of us. I know that computers and cell phones and all of those things make us much more savvy than the human race was hundreds of years ago, but I think about a lonely child isolated in a single room playing a game alone and possibly not learning some of the necessary skills that may be needed in the real world and I wonder if an addiction to those brilliant and colorful games could be just as harmful as it can be helpful in some ways. video games 2

Research Is Being Done By Many

There have been many studies over the years about all of the many effects, both positive and negative, of video games on children of all ages and the results have been various even though not quite definitive. It is good to know that since we are a very highly technological society today that our children are well off to learn skills of computer technology early and that the games of the right level and nature can help with their learning and real-world skills. Using the machines can help with manual dexterity and computer literacy, both important later in the real world, and there are many pro-social games that teach building a town and reward for helping others.

Positive Results Are Available

There are also many other positive results from many studies that have appeared over time. Some of them include the fact that many multi-player games can be a bonding experience among family or friends and can be socially developmental for children. Other games require players to maintain a hypothesis or long-term goal throughout a game, and help develop good decision-making speed while playing games and learn further accuracy over time as they must make better decisions in order to win. An overall result found with all different kinds of games was improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence in children as they win more often and learn to take risks and overcome challenges to win games and reach goals. Multi-player games are shown to help improve cooperation and team-work. Some games are shown to help with attention and reading skills, especially helpful in children with learning disabilities like dyslexia or children with ADD. Video games that are active or mobile like Dance Dance Revolution are both interactive and social, as well as a bit of exercise and stress release. video games

Most Researchers and Others Assume Negatively, Violent Games Are Known to Be the Most Effective

One of the primary assumptions about video games over the last thirty or so years is that they are having a negative effect on society and crime rates, especially the violent video games that have been coming out. Some of the most recently popular violent games include those like Death Race, Mortal Combat, Doom and Grand Theft Auto. These are mostly downcast for the violence they contain, potential leads to increased aggression and decreased pro-social helping. Many studies also discuss the repetitive nature of violent video games linked to learning behaviors and its potential to change a child or teenager’s nature after increased playing.

However, even if it is not just the violent games that the children play, too much video game and media usage can have a negative effect on a child or teenager. Although in a violent game, studies have shown that the player does have the capability to leave the emotional effects behind upon leaving the game. Some of the articles also mention that most often it is aggressive children or teenagers who are drawn to play the violent video games in the first place rather than the games themselves instilling violent behavior in the players themselves. Since the studies themselves are not necessarily conclusive or definitive the complete effects of violent games on criminal activity in society are not overall finite.

Other Multiple Negative Affects From Video Games and Media

Even if a video game is not violent too much video game playing or overuse of media can interfere with a child’s homework or social interaction with friends and family or other important things. Some games can encourage improper social or moral values or development. Although some video game playing can encourage attention and technology development, some studies show that certain playing can be related to negative academic achievement by emphasizing or over-developing skills not related to the same needs as school learning. Video game playing can also have negative health effects related to obesity and other potential brain issues such as seizures or nerve disorders among others. Aside from the potential addiction to any and all video games, the online games that are available can draw all children to potentially damaging individuals from whom they can pick up bad behaviors.

Summary: It’s Up To the Parents To Control Gaming: Video Game Time Can Be a Family Time

The common consensus from most of these studies is that the best thing that all parents can do is to make sure that they monitor and control the types, amount of time and all media usage among their children. This does not just mean video games but television, internet, cell phones and everything that may include images, videos, interaction with others and all things that could lead to mature, sexual or violent communication or behaviors that may be impressionistic or above their children’s level of maturity. One study that I read stated that of the children that were surveyed ages 8-18, the average media usage daily was seven and a half hours and only about half of the children questioned were given any in-home rules regarding their video game and media usage. I know that as a parent myself I find that quite disturbing. 

Mistletoe Used as a Breast Cancer Treatment


Mistletoe, the viscum album plant used to make the Iscador extract, is often used as an alternative secondary treatment for breast cancer in Europe. Though this treatment is not provided here in the United States, there is one famous American case of breast cancer treatment with mistletoe—celebrity Suzanne Somers used this treatment. There are not many published clinical results on the use of mistletoe as a cancer treatment, but it has received a great deal of publicity because of its unlikely relationship to medical science. mistletoe

What Is Mistletoe?

Mistletoe is a leafy, flowering vine used as decoration during the holidays. It is usually hung over the doorway to draw a kiss from someone during a Christmas party. The treatment known as Iscador, created from the European species viscum mali (the mistletoe from apple trees), is most commonly used as a cancer treatment in female patients, usually for breast cancer. This species differs slightly from the American species of mistletoe. It is a semi-parasitic plant that lives symbiotically among tree species, including oak, pine, elm and apple. Its extracts have been used for centuries in Europe to treat acute and chronic health conditions. Since about the 1920s, it has been used as an alternative cancer treatment in Europe during the development of anthroposophy, a modern spiritual science being applied to medicine.

How Is Mistletoe Used?

Mistletoe leaves and berries are potentially poisonous. Therefore, because Iscador extract is made from the entire plant, it must be handled and administered carefully. The extraction process begins with the grinding of the entire mistletoe plant. The plant is then soaked in water, fermented and finally filtered to produce the Iscador extract. Mistletoe treatment is commonly administered by injection, just under the skin. As daily treatment progresses, more concentrated Iscador extractions are administered. Side effects may include redness or welling at the injection site and a possible fever, though the fever may play a positive role in the benefits of Iscador. mistletoe 2

Medical Effects of Mistletoe

Clinical research has been extensively practiced for years on the effects of mistletoe and its medical benefits, but the benefits of Iscador in controlled groups of cancer patients is still minimal. In the United States, very few approved clinical studies using mistletoe have actually been performed, as mistletoe is closely restricted because of its severe toxicity. Most published results are anecdotal, including observations and highly publicized stories like that of Suzanne Somers. However, European studies of the cancer treatment benefits of Iscador have been completed for decades. Thousands of cancer patients have experienced a relevant prolonging of life and increase in quality of life after receiving Iscador treatments. These results in Europe and the anecdotal benefits of mistletoe as a secondary cancer treatment may someday lead to its acceptance as a controlled cancer treatment method in the United States.

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Any True Value to Online Dating?

These may sound like the rantings of a bitter and cynical woman, so negative a view of the potential for love that I believe nothing is possible… but there is much to be seen in what I am about to say.

All of those advertisements for the online dating websites that are out there, and their guarantee to help provide everyone with their perfect match? What is there honestly to be believed… other than the fact that they pull in an amazing profit each month from those individuals desperately seeking an easy way to find a partner in life.  online dating 2

I have tried some of them a few times, whether it be the free trials or the short-term subscriptions. There is no real solution as to the ability to look at some image and profile of another human being on the internet and feel that spark that comes when you get that instant attraction toward someone you know may have true potential. And I’m SO SORRY, but how can you honestly be sure to believe everything posted in those profiles that are meant to be the life tales of others looking for that perfect lifelong match.

I wonder where the truth of these possibilities comes into play. In a period of about five years now making an attempt at these sites off and on, there has only been one short-term relationship found in the process. I will admit that he was a nice guy with a life similar to mine, but it burnt out quicker than the living room lamp from the exhausted professional ready to go to bed after a 12-hour day in the office followed by networking events and heavy traffic. There is no need for me to believe that there is any true passionate flame to be found simply by looking at a small group of photos and reading a brief little profile. online dating 1

Plus, I will admit it myself… I haven’t even updated my profile photos on those online dating sites in years. I’m just not that interested in it, and my personal theory is that if someone really wants to get to know me they will do so in person and make their final decision from there. However, at this point I have done some of my own research on this subject. With a couple of short subscriptions and seeking out the options of actually meeting someone with true potential I have been stood up for two lunch dates to meet someone I had already texted over the phone. I was blown off twice by one individual who came up with some pretty basic reasons not to meet me for lunch, but then very quickly disappeared from communication completely. Additionally, there were at least two individuals whom I gave a decent chance with an initial meeting, only to find their personalities lacking in the thrill described in the online dating profiles. My resolution is as follows: Honesty is completely lacking online. There is no reason to believe that the lifetime, solid, supportive and happy relationship can be built from a simple online meeting.

Increasing Levels of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Today

It’s hard to say where the key points all lie, but with the increasing number of news stories over the past 4 or 5 years there is something to be said about the recent women bringing to light stories of sexual harassment in the workplace. Whether they are stories of actors and directors coming onto the women around them, or other situations where it is a standard office place, there is something about this that states a step backward culturally for our country in the equality of women.discrimination

With discrimination of many factors, there is always the risk in the workplace between colleagues, from a superior and more. We are such a society immersed in the evils played out against one another, focused on the “news” spread about like jam to enhance the flavor of life. There seems to be nothing more important than the dirt shared regarding all of the lawsuits from one leading actor or director, a politician against a woman who only wanted to improve her career. Think of the historical racial issues that plagued this country less than a century ago. And now it seems as though there is the ability for anyone to demean the quality of another’s life. 

So many years ago, we had women who came together for many gains of independence, gaining the right to vote late in the 18th century to the further roles played in the Underground Railroad and Introduction of Feminism in the 19th century. Things have continued to grow and develop for women, though there seems to be something about the way that men of power and wealth seem to attempt to push us back down. of all the basic stories of rape and misconduct that appear in the news on a weekly basis, in addition to all of the nationally highlighted cases like one of our former presidents, actor Bill Cosby and now Harvey Weinstein. It’s amazing to question how many more may be out there without being exposed by their victims. While it may not always be as serious as rape, there is always the offense of attempting to overcome someone with power that is simply upheld by the belief that he is of the stronger or greater sex. sexual harassment

There was once a reference to women as “the weaker sex” and the more we fought back against that, the more events took place to build our stature and equality. I wonder about all of those women throughout the past centuries who organized so many women’s rights events, the colleges and meetings that they put together to convince other women all over the country and world that they were worth more than the role of wives and mothers in their homes and families. Do we need women to redeem that message again? Has it become somewhat forgotten? Maybe it is time for us to come together, even if it’s online and then reinvent the wheel.