We all know about COVID-19…what else are we looking at?

As much as I love watching the news about the Coronavirus and what we need to do to get going. What we have done wrong. The crazy data about our spike in cases, hospitalizations, deaths. It’s incredible to see those negative facts about our country, but there are so many other health and safety issues we have to consider with the next season change coming soon.

Think about it. We have fall coming. With the highest global number of COVID-19 deaths already on our backs, we are heading toward the risk of cold and flu season.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but even the change from summer to fall gets my allergies and sinuses going like crazy!

So, what more might we see happen to everyone around our country with all of the health risks that could be nipping at our heels?

So many different things have been happening, with the re-opening of businesses in such a hurry, now what do we have to see when the opening of schools may add to the risk? The news has already discussed the sudden spike in COVID cases in the two states (Mississippi and Indiana) where students returned to the classroom. What more could happen around the nation if this sudden re-opening of schools were to continue?

Could we possibly return some semblance of health and safety to our nation with a reversal? Take a step back and reset? Close down a little once again? I have to say that these things are the ones that I want to watch out for…and definitely hope for in the near future!